What is Udolly?

Udolly is the first mobile dating app for anyone and everyone that integrates a network of coaches to help you with your needs.

Why pretend?

Over the past decade, dating apps have become wildly popular. More and more people are meeting their friends as well as their significant others on some of the most popular choices out there. There is, however, a problem with certain segments of the market.

If you are a disabled person, or if you are looking for something a little more genuine, you may find that the available apps do not quite meet your needs. Instead, you run into small pools and second-rate platforms.


Audience: A young and urban audience, worldwide

Target: 18-55 years old

Core target : 25-45 years old

Downloads: + 50.000

Users: + 30.000

They launched their brand campaign on udolly

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